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Bobi Butt and Suzanne Corkill: astrocampyb2017@gmail.com




26800 Saunders Meadow Rd.

Idyllwild, CA 92549
(951) 659-6062

5th Grade AstroCamp - 2018


1. On Friday (arrival day), wear fifth grade shirt, so we can find you easily.

2. Don't be late...must arrive between 11:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. and you must bring a sack lunch to be eaten in the meadow.

3. No cell phones/electronic devices allowed 

4. Bring 2 towels (1 for swimming and 1 for shower)

5. SWIMSUIT is required to do an activity...children must bring their swimsuit to participate in the activity.

6. Bring a sleeping bag or twin sheet set & blankets to sleep on bunks

7. Bring a REFILLABLE water bottle

8. Bring a backpack they can carry with them for activities

9. NO snacks in the dorm because of pests/animals

10. LABEL all LUGGAGE & SLEEPING BAGS with your child's name

11. Check the weather before packing because it may be cold up there.

12. You can join the BES Facebook page directly from the BES AstroCamp Link on the BES page


14. No refunds can be made


Here is the link to the AstroCamp website:




Camper Agreement - Rules & Expectations


Camper Agreement

Please note the following rules and expectations set forth by AstroCamp.  All students are bound to these rules. AstroCamp, and the chaperones, reserve the right to dismiss individuals or groups who violate the rules and regulations outlined here. No refunds will be rewarded to individuals or groups who are dismissed from AstroCamp early as a result of violating rules or regulations.

The Camper Agreement is for the safety of all AstroCamp visitors and staff.

  1. Stay with your school: No camper may leave the camp property without the head chaperone’s and AstroCamp administration’s knowledge.
  2. Participate: All campers must report to and participate in their scheduled activities. If a camper must leave the immediate program area, (e.g., to visit the first aid room) they must inform the instructor and be accompanied by an adult chaperone.
  3. Wear shoes: Shoes are required to be worn at all times while in program areas. Please bring close-toed shoes for outdoor activities.
  4. Play safely: Do not throw rocks, pinecones, snowballs, or any other objects. Do not climb trees or buildings. No horseplay of any kind is allowed.
  5. Be on time: Arrive on time and be prepared for all programs and meals.
  6. Seek help with problems: If you are injured or have a problem seek chaperone help immediately.
  7. Personal property: Personal belongings are your responsibility and should not be left out or unattended. AstroCamp is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
  8. Respect quiet hours: Quiet hours are maintained from 10:00 PM to 7:00 AM.
  9. Follow dorm rules: Only enter the dorm assigned to your group and only enter when you have adult supervision. The staff residences are off limits, except in case of emergency.


What is AstroCamp?

Set in the beautiful surroundings of the San Jacinto Mountains, Astrocamp is nestled amongst giant pine trees, huge boulders, and scenic meadows.  Astrocamp's facilities and labs are state-of-the-art, offering students premier equipment for exploring science and the natural world.  Students stay in comfortable dormitory accommodations with indoor bathrooms and spacious rooms.  Astrocamp's campus is comprised of rustic lodge-style buildings, which fit in perfectly with the mountainous setting of Idyllwild.


What You'll See and Do

Astrocamp is a unique outdoor science program available to students of your school.  Located in the small town of Idyllwild, there isn’t a better place to learn about the stars than our 90-acre facility.  With the beauty of the San Jacinto Mountains, the excitement of experimenting with science, and the ability to gaze at stars, planets and messier objects, children take a voyage into science during their stay at Astrocamp.

The student’s journey will begin after leaving the desert floor and traveling into the San Bernardino Nation Forest.  Once they arrive at Astrocamp they will be greeted by one of their instructors who will show them where they are living and give them a little time to get situated.  No sooner than they are moved in do they start on their voyage.  Schools choose from a list of classes and decide what best fits their curriculum.  While at Astrocamp, students will have an opportunity to do a variety of things like exploding hydrogen balloons in Atmosphere and Gases, train like astronauts in Microgravity, have their hair stand on end in Electricity and Magnetism, or swing high in the air on our ropes course.

One of the main attractions of Astrocamp is the astronomy program.  Due to our location, elevation, and two state-of-the-art telescope viewing areas, students have a great opportunity to get hands on experience exploring the night-time sky.

At the end of their trip students will wave goodbye to their instructors and return to their school and everyday surroundings with a stronger knowledge of astronomy and physical science as well as themselves. Whether coming on a three or five day excursion to Astrocamp, students will obtain the experience of a lifetime and remember the trip for years to come.

What To Expect

When you come to Astrocamp you will be assigned to an instructor who will lead you and your fellow classmates through a variety of exciting classes. You will have two classes in each morning, two in the afternoons, and one in the evening. During these classes you might build and launch rockets, experience micro-gravity in the pool, climb to the top of the Power Pole or have a hair-raising experience using the Van de Graaff generator. There are so many great activities that no matter where you are, you are bound to be having fun. During the evening your instructor will lead your group on a fantastic night adventure. You will begin by taking a night hike up to the telescopes area where you will view planets, galaxies and stars. On another night you might get to experience AstrOlympics in the gymnasium, a free swim in the pool or any one of our exciting night programs. Since Astrocamp is located high up on a mountain in the San Bernardino National Forest, you are bound to see wildlife and mountain views that will take your breath away.

DSC_0031.jpg DSC_0041.jpg DSC_0823.jpg DSC_0001.jpg DSC_0004.jpg DSC_0005.jpg DSC_0006.jpg DSC_0007.jpg DSC_0009.jpg DSC_0010.jpg DSC_0011.jpg DSC_0012.jpg DSC_0013.jpg DSC_0014.jpg DSC_0015.jpg DSC_0016.jpg DSC_0017.jpg DSC_0018.jpg DSC_0019.jpg DSC_0022.jpg DSC_0023.jpg DSC_0024.jpg DSC_0026.jpg DSC_0027.jpg DSC_0028.jpg DSC_0036.jpg DSC_0037.jpg DSC_0040.jpg DSC_0043.jpg DSC_0044.jpg DSC_0045.jpg DSC_0046.jpg DSC_0047.jpg DSC_0048.jpg DSC_0049.jpg DSC_0050.jpg DSC_0056.jpg DSC_0061.jpg DSC_0065.jpg DSC_0066.jpg DSC_0067.jpg DSC_0068.jpg DSC_0070.jpg DSC_0073.jpg DSC_0075.jpg DSC_0080.jpg DSC_0082.jpg DSC_0085.jpg DSC_0086.jpg DSC_0087.jpg DSC_0089.jpg DSC_0091.jpg DSC_0092.jpg DSC_0093.jpg DSC_0094.jpg DSC_0095.jpg DSC_0096.jpg DSC_0097.jpg DSC_0098.jpg DSC_0099.jpg DSC_0100.jpg DSC_0101.jpg DSC_0102.jpg DSC_0103.jpg DSC_0104.jpg DSC_0107.jpg DSC_0119.jpg DSC_0121.jpg DSC_0122.jpg DSC_0123.jpg DSC_0124.jpg DSC_0125.jpg DSC_0126.jpg DSC_0135.jpg DSC_0136.jpg DSC_0137.jpg DSC_0140.jpg DSC_0143.jpg DSC_0144.jpg DSC_0147.jpg DSC_0153.jpg DSC_0154.jpg DSC_0155.jpg DSC_0159.jpg DSC_0162.jpg DSC_0164.jpg DSC_0172.jpg DSC_0174.jpg DSC_0175.jpg DSC_0176.jpg DSC_0177.jpg DSC_0178.jpg DSC_0179.jpg DSC_0180.jpg DSC_0181.jpg DSC_0185.jpg DSC_0187.jpg DSC_0188.jpg DSC_0191.jpg DSC_0193.jpg DSC_0194.jpg DSC_0195.jpg DSC_0198.jpg DSC_0206.jpg DSC_0207.jpg DSC_0209.jpg DSC_0217.jpg DSC_0218.jpg DSC_0219.jpg DSC_0220.jpg DSC_0221.jpg DSC_0222.jpg DSC_0223.jpg DSC_0224.jpg DSC_0225.jpg DSC_0226.jpg DSC_0227.jpg DSC_0228.jpg DSC_0229.jpg DSC_0230.jpg DSC_0231.jpg DSC_0232.jpg DSC_0233.jpg DSC_0234.jpg DSC_0235.jpg DSC_0236.jpg DSC_0237.jpg DSC_0238.jpg DSC_0240.jpg DSC_0241.jpg DSC_0242.jpg DSC_0243.jpg DSC_0244.jpg DSC_0245.jpg DSC_0247.jpg DSC_0248.jpg DSC_0249.jpg DSC_0250.jpg DSC_0251.jpg DSC_0252.jpg DSC_0253.jpg DSC_0254.jpg DSC_0255.jpg DSC_0256.jpg DSC_0259.jpg DSC_0260.jpg DSC_0261.jpg DSC_0262.jpg DSC_0263.jpg DSC_0264.jpg DSC_0265.jpg DSC_0266.jpg DSC_0267.jpg DSC_0268.jpg DSC_0269.jpg DSC_0270.jpg DSC_0271.jpg DSC_0272.jpg DSC_0275.jpg DSC_0276.jpg DSC_0277.jpg DSC_0286.jpg DSC_0287.jpg DSC_0288.jpg DSC_0291.jpg DSC_0292.jpg DSC_0296.jpg DSC_0303.jpg DSC_0306.jpg DSC_0308.jpg DSC_0309.jpg DSC_0312.jpg DSC_0317.jpg DSC_0319.jpg DSC_0320.jpg DSC_0321.jpg DSC_0322.jpg DSC_0331.jpg DSC_0340.jpg DSC_0342.jpg DSC_0347.jpg DSC_0350.jpg DSC_0353.jpg DSC_0377.jpg DSC_0378.jpg DSC_0380.jpg DSC_0383.jpg DSC_0387.jpg DSC_0392.jpg DSC_0398.jpg DSC_0406.jpg DSC_0407.jpg DSC_0409.jpg DSC_0412.jpg DSC_0414.jpg DSC_0419.jpg DSC_0422.jpg DSC_0425.jpg DSC_0426.jpg DSC_0428.jpg DSC_0429.jpg DSC_0431.jpg DSC_0444.jpg DSC_0450.jpg DSC_0453.jpg DSC_0454.jpg DSC_0456.jpg DSC_0457.jpg DSC_0458.jpg DSC_0460.jpg DSC_0463.jpg DSC_0464.jpg DSC_0490.jpg DSC_0496.jpg DSC_0499.jpg DSC_0502.jpg DSC_0503.jpg DSC_0509.jpg DSC_0513.jpg DSC_0514.jpg DSC_0515.jpg DSC_0516.jpg DSC_0517.jpg DSC_0519.jpg DSC_0522.jpg DSC_0527.jpg DSC_0528.jpg DSC_0529.jpg DSC_0531.jpg DSC_0534.jpg DSC_0541.jpg DSC_0549.jpg DSC_0551.jpg DSC_0557.jpg DSC_0558.jpg DSC_0561.jpg DSC_0572.jpg DSC_0573.jpg DSC_0574.jpg DSC_0575.jpg DSC_0576.jpg DSC_0577.jpg DSC_0578.jpg DSC_0579.jpg DSC_0580.jpg DSC_0582.jpg DSC_0583.jpg DSC_0584.jpg DSC_0585.jpg DSC_0586.jpg DSC_0587.jpg DSC_0588.jpg DSC_0589.jpg DSC_0592.jpg DSC_0594.jpg DSC_0597.jpg DSC_0601.jpg DSC_0605.jpg DSC_0607.jpg DSC_0609.jpg DSC_0610.jpg DSC_0611.jpg DSC_0612.jpg DSC_0617.jpg DSC_0620.jpg DSC_0622.jpg DSC_0632.jpg DSC_0633.jpg DSC_0635.jpg DSC_0648.jpg DSC_0650.jpg DSC_0663.jpg DSC_0674.jpg DSC_0683.jpg DSC_0692.jpg DSC_0696.jpg DSC_0722.jpg DSC_0727.jpg DSC_0730.jpg DSC_0731.jpg DSC_0733.jpg DSC_0735.jpg DSC_0737.jpg DSC_0739.jpg DSC_0740.jpg DSC_0746.jpg DSC_0747.jpg DSC_0748.jpg DSC_0751.jpg DSC_0753.jpg DSC_0754.jpg DSC_0755.jpg DSC_0756.jpg DSC_0757.jpg DSC_0758.jpg DSC_0759.jpg DSC_0760.jpg DSC_0761.jpg DSC_0762.jpg DSC_0763.jpg DSC_0768.jpg DSC_0774.jpg DSC_0793.jpg DSC_0796.jpg DSC_0799.jpg DSC_0804.jpg DSC_0813.jpg DSC_0816.jpg DSC_0817.jpg DSC_0818.jpg DSC_0819.jpg DSC_0820.jpg DSC_0821.jpg DSC_0822.jpg DSC_0049.JPG DSC_0055.JPG DSC_0062.JPG DSC_0063.JPG DSC_0064.JPG DSC_0065.JPG DSC_0066.JPG DSC_0069.JPG DSC_0071.JPG DSC_0073.JPG DSC_0074.JPG DSC_0080.JPG DSC_0085.JPG DSC_0087.JPG DSC_0088.JPG DSC_0089.JPG DSC_0091.JPG DSC_0092.JPG DSC_0103.JPG DSC_0106.JPG DSC_0107.JPG DSC_0157.JPG DSC_1186.JPG DSC_1202.JPG DSC_1211.JPG DSC_1272.JPG DSC_1301.JPG DSC_1335.JPG DSC_1380.JPG DSC_1408.JPG DSC_1415.JPG DSC_1488.JPG DSC_1490.JPG DSC_1494.JPG DSC_1495.JPG DSC_1500.JPG DSC_1512.JPG DSC_1513.JPG DSC_1515.JPG DSC_1527.JPG DSC_1544.JPG DSC_1550.JPG DSC_1555.JPG DSC_1557.JPG DSC_1559.JPG DSC_1566.JPG DSC_1576.JPG DSC_1583.JPG DSC_1615.JPG DSC_1639.JPG DSC_1640.JPG DSC_1647.JPG DSC_1693.JPG DSC_1701.JPG DSC_1709.JPG DSC_1714.JPG DSC_1718.JPG

AstroCamp Dates:
Fri, 4/6/18 (Arrive 11:30 am - 12:30 pm) - Sun, 4/8/18 (pick up by 12:00 pm)

Cost:  $240 includes insurance and 5th Grade T-Shirt

Deposit: $40 due by 10/12/17, (cash and PayPal only)

Balance: $200 due by 1/12/18
(cash and PayPal only)

If final payment is not made by 1/16/18, please note that we cannot hold your student's spot and you will lose your deposit.


Visit us on our AstroCamp for YBES 5th Grade Community 2017 Facebook page!


Join us on Remind!  Enter 81010, text this message to @astrocampy